Our Platform

LGBTQ+ Justice 


I am a strong ally of the LGBTQ+ community, and will always fight their rights against bigotry. For far too long the LGBTQ+ community has been attacked with the transgender military ban, harmful healthcare policies, daily discrimination, and more. It is imperative that LGBTQ+ rights are discussed through a human rights lens. We recognize that LGBTQ+ issues aren’t a “separate” or “other” issue, but as an intersectional community must be addressed from all angles. We will take every action to protect the rights of the most vulnerable Americans from bigotry and that is why I support:

  • The Equality Act , which will protect the LGBTQ+ community from discrimination in employment, housing, credit, education, public spaces, public services, federally funded programs, and jury service. 

  • Overturn the Blood Donation Ban on LGBTQ+ People, who have to be sexually abstinent for a certain period of time, based on pseudo-science. The ban needs to be removed immediately as HIV/AIDS is scanned for in all blood collected regardless, with the disease not limited to queer individuals.

  • Increased Mental Health Outreach- LGBTQIA+ identifying people, especially youth, continue to end their lives at a terrifyingly high rate. People must know there is hope and be given the chance to get the help they need.

  • Ban Conversion Therapy Federally- The barbaric practice of conversion therapy is yet to be banned. It must go.

  • Comprehensive, across the board queer inclusion in K-12 curriculum- This including but not limited to History/Social Studies, Health/Sex Ed., and English/Literature. I personally am advocating for NYS bills like the LGBTQI-Inclusive Curriculum Bill, the Comprehensive Sex. Ed. in Schools Bill, and others. It must be federally and encompassing.

  • Protect Homeless LGBTQ+ Youth- The Trevor Project reports that an estimated 40% of the overall homeless youth population in the U.S. is LGBTQ+-identifying. That’s just the openly LGBTQ+-identifying youth. Much of the vacant/abandoned Long Island property could easily be turned into centers for LGBTQ+ homeless youth and LGBTQ+ senior living facilities.


Economic Justice

Near full employment should be a definite progressive policy goal. With many Americans put out of work from the pandemic, I believe a more aggressive jobs agenda is needed. This can be achieved through a Federal Jobs Guarantee. With millions of Americans willing to work and crumbling infrastructure, a jobs program has the potential to lift millions out of poverty and help tackle some of the most important crises facing our nation. It must also be emphasized another important feature of the Federal jobs programs is their ability to help marginalized and often stigmatized workers facing possible structural barriers in private sector employment. 


American infrastructure has been lacking behind those of many of the other major industrialized countries. In previous years, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) had given America an infrastructure score of D-. It is only recently that this score has improved to a C-, but I believe we can do better. Flint, Michigan has been dealing with a toxic water crisis for years, the residents of the city poisoning themselves with every sip they take. Here on Long Island, cancer rates have begun to increase as our water quality decreases. With people's health at stake, we have no choice but to take immediate action on infrastructure.

  • Update & invest in clean, sustainable energies and water structures. 

  • Investing in high-speed rail systems- to improve public transport efficiency, decrease carbon emissions, modernize America. 

  • Rebuilding our structurally-deficient bridges 

Medicare for All 


America spends more on healthcare today than any other country in the world. Still, we see around 30 million Americans without health insurance and millions who are underinsured, which leads to tens of thousands of Americans dying each year because they lack decent healthcare. It is every American’s right to healthcare, and I will fight for universal coverage for all. It is criminal that while politicians go back and forth over healthcare reform, as thousands die from lack of coverage, they enjoy some of the best medical care in the world, paid by us taxpayers. That is why I am taking a pledge, that when elected I will not accept the taxpayer-funded healthcare until every American has access to their right to healthcare.

Three pieces of critical legislation I support on this issue are as follows: 

1. Lowering the price of prescription drugs in America to the median price in Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK as proposed by the Prescription Drug Price Relief Act. 

2. Supporting the Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Act, which would allow the Department of Health and Human Services to negotiate the prices of brand-name drugs under Medicare Part D. 

3. Medicare for All, which would grant access to healthcare to all American citizens.

4. Allow for the importation of affordable medicine from Canada under the Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act.​


Providing an excellent education to each and every one of our children is imperative in order for our society to not only survive but thrive. The United States is tragically lacking and lagging behind other industrialized nations when it comes to education, and we must be able to prepare ourselves for an increasingly competitive and globalized workforce. In order to increase the quality of our education, we must:

  • Tackle the student debt crisis, which is crippling an entire generation. Cancel student debt now

  • Create a tuition-free public college option, to make education accessible to all. Support H.R. 3472, the College for All Act. 

  • Increase funding to schools where it is needed, not to schools already ranking high on standardized test scores. 

  • Implement Universal Pre-school, to prepare students coming into the K-12 school system, and also assist caretakers. 

  • Emphasize and Revitalize Vocational Training- in order to address our nation's crumbling infrastructure, energy grid, and need to retrofit and make our buildings more energy-efficient,  we need a workforce that will be able to take on these challenges. Schools need to develop and/or expand Career Training Education (CTE). Having a better trained and prepared workforce will help create more jobs to address the needs of our nation and it starts in our schools. 

  • Hire more Social Workers and School Psychologists- The mental health of students is an area that is often overlooked in education. Psychologists and social workers play an integral role in schools, and in many instances may just be the people who help students get through difficult situations, both at home and in schools. Coming out of a pandemic where many students suffered from a social and emotional perspective, psychologists and social workers have been overwhelmed by the increases in their case-loads. Schools need more funding to assist in hiring more of these valuable members of school buildings, who provide services that have a profound impact on students who need someone to talk to. 

  • Train our Teachers in Technology- COVID-19 saw the rapid transition from teaching in a classroom to virtual learning. Parents and teachers alike soon realized the shortcomings of teaching virtually and managed as best they could with the resources and lack of adequate training available. Schools do not provide enough time to adequately prepare and offer educators professional development and this shortcoming was ever more evident this past year. Teachers need to have time solely dedicated to professional development, especially in regards to technology training without the distractions of their other responsibilities. Doing so will make teachers more effective in the classroom and be able to serve their students. 

  • Expand resources for ELL students- As the number of students entering schools learning English as a second language increases, schools need to be better equipped to handle the influx. This means investing in hiring more educators with ELL experience and certifications, providing the resources and funds necessary to develop and expand programs. By the middle of this century, there is a good chance that America will be a nation composed of more people whose primary language is Spanish as opposed to English. We need to be proactive in anticipating this trend and it has to start in our education system. 

  • Teach students a second language earlier in their education careers- As more people whose primary language is not English make up a greater percentage of our population, English speaking students need to learn a second language at an earlier age in our school systems. The ability to understand, speak, read, and write in world languages, in addition to English, is critical to success in business, research, and international relations in the twenty-first century. The United States lags behind most nations of the world, including European nations and China, in the percentage of its citizens who have some knowledge of a second language. 

  • Support Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in our Schools- It is imperative that we begin to teach our history from all perspectives, to provide a more thorough education and understanding as to why the world is the way it is today. In order for our children to prosper in school, they must feel not only comfortable but encouraged to express themselves fully and embrace their differences.

  • Give Districts more power and control in regards to Testing, Learning Standards, and Curriculum- School districts are extensions of the communities that they are in and therefore should reflect the values and needs of their respective communities. Both at the federal and state levels, the people who are in leadership positions are often people who have little to no classroom or administrative experience, yet create the standards and policies for school districts to follow. Taxpayers fund our schools, vote on budgets, and elect board members. For these reasons, school districts need to have more autonomy. 

  • Retrofit and make buildings energy-efficient and safe- Many of our schools across the nation are ill-equipped in regards to energy efficiency, structural integrity, cleanliness, and overall safety. In many schools, mold, deteriorating buildings, old/inadequate equipment, and safety and health hazards are prominent, which serve as distractions and problems that prevent schools from fostering a safe learning environment. ​

​​A Fair National Minimum Wage 

Over the last few decades, wages in real terms have remained relatively stagnant. Union membership has continued to decline, meaning workers lose collective bargaining power. The current federal wage of $7.25 in the time we live in this is simply untenable. The reality is that 1 in 9 workers when working full time will still be in poverty under the current wage. The US has some of the lowest federal wages among all major industrialized countries. A $15 an hour wage would put the US in the top position globally. 

The American worker is long overdue for a wage increase, and I support the fight for $15 an hour.Thus, I support the Raise Wage Act of 2021, which will raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. I will be taking a pledge to accept half of the Congressional salary until we bring federal wage increases to the American people.  I believe that our representatives should not be living so comfortably off of taxpayer-funded salaries while they neglect to act in the best interests of the American people. If Congress doesn't want to act, we have to make them act.

We understand the concern with how this might affect small businesses, which is a legitimate concern, and we need to make sure they are not harmed in the transition to $15 an hour. Big corporations get their subsidies, their tax cuts— some don't pay taxes at all! To look more into our small business policies, click here.


In an era of extreme wealth and income inequality, we need serious tax reform. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a drastic increase in such inequality. This has had an effect on low-wage earners the most. Therefore, I support efforts to institute a wealth tax on top earners- people that make $50 million + annually. 

  • The Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act has proposed a tax on a person’s net worth at 2% if they make between $50 Million and $1 billion annually, and 3% annually for anyone over $1 billion. This tax will have no effect on the 99% of American households that have net worths below $50 million. 

  • For The 99.5% Act would institute a progressive estate tax which (as hinted in its title) would have no effect on 99.5% of Americans, but rather only the very rich. The act increases taxes on the value of one’s estate as it increases. The act would a new progressive tax structure as follows: 

    • 45% on estates valued between $3.5 and $10 million.

    • 50% on estates valued between $10 million and $50 million.

    • 55% on estates valued over $50 million.

    • 65% on estates valued over $1 billion.

  • The “Robin Hood” tax, or a Wall Street tax, will be applied to the trading activities of financial services firms, including investment banks and hedge funds. The tax will be placed upon transfers of stocks, bonds, and derivatives. 

Gun Violence Prevention


I believe in the second amendment and the right to own firearms, but I also know this comes with social responsibility. 

In order to properly address such a serious and sensitive topic, I believe it to be imperative that we take a new, fresh, and nuanced perspective on this issue of gun violence. 

  • Universal, stricter background checks, including periodic mental health screenings.

  • Closing gun show loopholes. 

  • Have an open and effective dialogue to reach the core of the issue and find a resolution.

Criminal Justice Reform

America has the highest number of incarcerated individuals on the planet. Many of these people are held for minor misdemeanors or wrongly convicted, due to prejudice in a broken and corrupt system. We must end the prison-industrial complex that incentivizes private companies to create prisons and occupy cells with incarcerated individuals for profit.

  • The People’s Plan- which tackles over-militarization in policing tactics, more comprehensive police training, higher educational standards for those who apply to become police officers. It is sectioned into 12 main points:

  1. Transforming Crisis Response​

  2. Transforming Traffic Enforcement

  3. Transforming Police Accountability

  4. Transforming the Enforcement of Hate Crimes, Non-designated Crimes and Incidents

  5. Transforming the Treatment and Safety of Transgender, Non-Binary, and Intersex People

  6. Ending the Use of School Resource Officers, The Case for Police-Free Schools

  7. Language Access

  8. Building Authentic Trust and Legitimacy Within Communities

  9. Technology and Social Media

  10. Hiring, Training, and Education

  11. Officer Wellness and Safety

  12. Continued Reinvention, Equity and Safety Task Force

Read more about the People's Plan here.

  • Supporting H.Res. 702, The People’s Justice Guarantee- introduced by Representative Pressley, which would “recognize that the United States has a moral obligation to meet its foundational promise of guaranteed justice for all.”

  • Passing a Transparency Law- to end qualified immunity for law enforcement and make police records visible to the public. 


I do not, and will not ever take any money from dark money donors and lobbyists who will try to get in the way of delivering real results to the people in order to serve their agenda. I am running for office to return power to the American people; I am not running for office to serve the interests of the richest in the country. We need to ensure that our representatives are serving those they were elected to represent, not those filling their pockets.

  • End Citizens United- a monumental SCOTUS case passed to get big money out of politics, but has only effectively legalized bribery. We can no longer have the richest people in the country buy an entire political campaign to vote in their favor. 

  • Divesting from stocks- all politicians, federal and state must divest from stocks when elected. It is a tremendous conflict of interest and simply insider trading.