Meet John Atkinson 


Early Life


John Atkinson was born on March 7th, 1994 in the hamlet of Farmingville, NY here in Suffolk County. Along with his sisters, he was raised by his two parents who were able to provide their children with a modest living, working hard to provide their children with everything they could. As John grew older, his parents divorced and his mother eventually remarried, allowing John to welcome a little brother into his life. 

While attending Sagamore Junior High School in the Sachem Central School District, John found a vigorous passion in running and track and field activities. As John grew older and attended Sachem East High School, he began volunteering in food drives around the holiday season. He began volunteering in his high school's food bank to help individuals in his community who did not have enough food for the holidays. 


Educational Background


Following his graduation from Sachem East High School in 2012, John attended Suffolk County Community College beginning 2014. Shortly after, John enrolled at Stony Brook University in 2016 with a double major in Political Science and Sociology.

After graduating, John was an apprentice to his father’s construction business, Decks Unlimited. However, the 2016 Presidential Election sparked a new flame within John with one candidate standing out from the crowd, Bernie Sanders, who really resonated with John’s personal political beliefs. After hearing the same negative brand of politics for years, Bernie's idealism about the potential of this nation was very encouraging to John. John thought it only made sense that the richest country in the history of the world should have no problem providing ALL of its citizens with healthcare, living wages, a cleaner environment to live in, and infinitely more possibilities.


While studying at Stony Brook University, John interned, volunteered, and campaigned for many politicians seeking local positions in public office. While not always in agreement with their policies, it provided ample experience in learning the nuances of American political campaigns. In addition to this work, John occupied the majority of his free time assisting local fundraisers and continuing to contribute to the efforts of food drives, driven by his constant motivation to uplift the downtrodden.


Continued Advocacy and Political Engagement


Toward the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, John found a job that finally satiated his constant desire of serving others after becoming employed by a company called Independent Support Services. It is a company which works with developmentally disabled individuals to teach them to become more independent in their daily lives, facilitate their development of life skills, to be fully capable of taking on the world, and assists them with certain things that may seem easy to many people, but that these individuals may struggle with. He found this job to be very rewarding and very enjoyable at times, though occasionally stressful. John also helps these individuals to take part in society by helping them find jobs, interact in extracurricular activities, and teaching them to better interact with the world and people around them.


Following the death of George Floyd, John also took part in and organized several peaceful protests promoting police and criminal justice reform.The horrible events that transpired on May 25th only reaffirmed John’s belief that the United States regrettably has a history of racial inequality and injustice embedded deeply within our criminal justice system. He wants to stand with those and advocate on behalf of those who have been oppressed since even before the founding of our country. His personal desire is to make a difference, help others, and do everything that he can to uplift those who have been knocked down or held down. John feels that if we live in a country where particular groups of people are not treated equally under the law, simply because of the color of their skin, their ethnic background, or culture—with some even living in constant fear of those who are meant to protect and serve, how can anyone remain silent without being complicit in these large, systemic, and institutionalized problems that separate the American reality from the American ideal? Accordingly, John thinks it is imperative to bring about much needed change in this country in alignment with a constantly evolving world and feels it is the responsibility of every generation to continually improve upon the conditions of their country in the pursuit of forming a more perfect union for all. 


John’s New Journey

He is running as a progressive Democrat and has refused to take any campaign donations from corporations or political action committees. John is only beholden to the people and their interests. He strongly believes that elected, entrusted representatives are meant to represent the intrinsic needs of the people, but more often than not, far too many elected representatives within our country instead legislate according to their own interests. It is John’s opinion that it is time the corruption that has entrenched Washington for decades must be removed from American politics altogether. John is a working-class American and understands that the working class must represent itself, rather than have the wealthy donor class feign interest while representing itself. 

John maintains fervently that this country can work and live up to its incredible ideals, but in order for that to happen, both politicians and citizens alike must work together towards sensible, common objectives that will benefit every citizen within not only New York’s first Congressional district, but also our entire country. We hope you join us in supporting John and his team in the journey that lies ahead to improve the lives of we the people of Suffolk County and moreover, all of those who are lucky enough to call this country home.