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My name is John Atkinson.


I am running for Congress to give the power back to the working class people.


My name is John Atkinson.

I am running for Congress to give power back to working class Americans

like you and me.

"It is my honor and privilege to announce my candidacy for the Democratic Party's nomination for the 2022 New York 1st Congressional District Election. Our country has many problems, and our entrusted, elected officials in Washington represent themselves and their big money, corporate donors instead of representing us, we the people of our district here in Suffolk County and the people of our country. If I am elected to congress, I vow to vigorously fight to take on the corruption that has entrenched D.C. for far too long within the governing process and restore the power back to you, the American working-class who is the backbone of our country. I am a working-class American myself and it's time we have the working-class represent the interests of those whose tireless daily work makes America what it truly IS, instead of continuing to have the class of corporate elites represent themselves and their own, often nefarious interests.” - John Atkinson

John Atkinson

Progressive Democrat seeking the Democratic nomination for the 2022 New York 1st Congressional District election.

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